Dilemma’s in the peat bog

february 2015 | documentary

Big Society, decentralization and population decline are trends that will have a big impact on the organization and spatial order of the Netherlands. The central questions are no longer what, where and how much to build. We have to consider how we will decide on spatial developments, how we will finance new plans and how we must organize their implementation. The new Environment and Planning Act (Omgevingswet), which will enter into force in 2018, will simplify Dutch environmental legislation and aims to make these issues more effective.

Atelier ZZ has been asked by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment to investigate the possibilities to contribute to the improvement of town and country planning tools in the Omgevingswet considered from the design practice.

Atelier ZZ initiated the The Peaty Meadows Atelier Friesland to offer guidelines to develop visions on the future informed by design. Visualization of possibilities can help politicians, inhabitants and entrepreneurs to make choices regardless of planning and legal issues and other obstructions. The Atelier discloses bottlenecks that in the broader context of national legislation are also relevant for the rest of the Netherlands. The Peaty Meadows Atelier Friesland analyzed what processes, actors, financial streams and mentalities frame the future of the Frisian peaty meadows. What does this mean for major challenges with regard to the landscape in the Netherlands?

The documentary Dilemmas in the peat bog is directed by Victor Vroegindeweij at the request of Atelier ZZ.